Refill solutions
to fight global pollution.


Smart dispensers to make selling without packaging convenient and scalable.

Communication with container through RFID
Interactive product display
Application compatible
Easy to use      
Product and retailer adaptable
Integrated with logistics and inventory

Smart, multipurpose and eco-friendly containers.

We want to design containers of the future, that will minimize the negative environmental impact of packaging. Smart, so shopping and product tracking can be easier than ever. Multipurpose, to allow using them with different products. Eco-friendly, because that's what this project is all about.

A deposit system
to make sure that nothing goes to waste.

We believe that every producer should take responsibility for the package, that is used for their products. The deposit system is proven to be the most effective way of recycling, therefore we want to use it to make sure, that none of our containers will end up in the landfill. It is also good for the users because they get their money back every time they return a container.

Project's progress status

This is where we are and how we plan our next steps.

Seed funding - we are here

We are evaluating our idea and collecting funding required to get the project started. This funding will support preliminary activities as further market research, R&D and business plan development.

Production and testing

Prototypes are going to be build and tested. After the product is ready, we will implement the solution in pilot shops and further test it on a bigger scale.


We will implement the solution on the national scale and bring to the international market.

We are in trouble if we don’t act.

UN scientists warn about a biodiversity crisis that is about to put humanity at risk, and the way we are shopping nowadays plays a huge role in it.

Invest in a better future.

We believe that nobody is to small to make a difference. We encourage both private individuals, investors and companies to cooperate with us. Together we can make a change and build a future without overwhelming pollution.


Spark of life

You have a power to make it happen.

  • You can also give us strength by simply showing your support on social media. We will appreciate your thumbs up.
  • We will be also happy to hear your thoughts on how to improve our product. Share your opinions with us.
Business Angels


Capital and expertise that every startup needs.

  • Do you want to invest in green tech and you see a potential in our idea?
  • Would you like to share with us your expertise and network to help us develop?
  • Maybe you would like to learn some more details about our business assumptions? We would love to discuss them with you.

Ground to grow

Relations are foundations of it all.

  • Do you want to follow market trends and you believe that introducing green technologies will give your business competitive advantage?
  • Do you see a place for our product in your business?
  • Please, contact us. We want to adapt our product to the needs of you and your customers.

Are you interested in our project?

Team Members

We believe that the true measure of professional success is not a position, but the positive influence that the job has on the world. Do you feel like you could support our project with your professional experience and help us bring our idea into life even faster? Send us your resume and we will be in touch.


Eva Steen

Founder - CEO
Marketeer and Designer

Vegard Steen

Founder - CTO
Tech Wizard and Lead Developer

Tom Nøttveit

Senior Financial Advisor

Maciej Cwajda

Senior Software Engineer

Slawek Raczkiewicz

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Wojtek Raczkiewicz

Production Manager

Nikola Ljusic

Research Specialist

Nicholas Richards

Mentor - Smart Innovation Norway

Do you want to join us? Contact us


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